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I am moving to Squarespace from Typepad.

There are a some technical reasons for a move from Typepad, and they are things that 95% of people probably wouldn't notice or think about.  Neither platform gives me complete control over the way my pictures are presented, but I feel I can work better within Squarespace's constraints, and I expect less surprises with Squarespace.

There is also a less technical reason to move.

I think that to learn and grow at a creative pursuit like photography, to even maintain a level ability at a pursuit like photography, requires a lot practice.  My first experience with blogging was posting one picture a day for one year on a photoblog.  I learned a lot in that year, and grew a lot as a photographer.  I want to use the blog as motivation to take more pictures, and help me stay focused.  It is not realistic for me to sustain one picture a day, but if I commit to three or four per week I will be more motivated to keep in practice.

I can configure the pages here so that I have a page that presents my pictures one at a time, and a separate page for less frequent updates in a more conventional format.  I can add separate galleries, and I like the way the galleries are arranged on Squarespace.

I set up a photo page as the main page, which is accessible at   Comments are not enabled on that page, mostly because I could not figure out a way to set the comments up that I did not find distracting.

I also set up this page for various updates, news, and thoughts.  I expect to update this page much less frequently.

Unfortunately, there are separate RSS feeds for the two pages, but I think I can put a note in the photo page when I update this page. There is a navigation panel at the top of the page.

Over time I expect to add a few galleries, and also expect a few tweaks to the layout of the pages.  I'm looking forward to it.

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