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gallery added

I put up a new gallery here.  There is a navigation bar to other content at the top of the page.

I have about a zillion pictures scattered all over on different types of media.  I am working on reigning the chaos in, but it is going to be a ton of work. I have been doing a lot of procrastinating because it is pretty overwhelming, but I just need to get in the habit of doing the work a little at a time.

I added a new hard drive and a blue ray burner to my computer last weekend.  It was just like any other job around the house.  Once I got the new drives home, I realized I needed new cables, and had to go out again.  It was pretty late in the evening by the time I got everything set up.

I also bought a copy of Lightroom, and have been learning how to use it.  It is really powerful software, and I do not see needing anything else for 95% of my work.  It is going to be a bit of a learning curve though.

As I go, I will post some of my old pictures in the photoblog.  I will put up a gallery on occasion as well.  Plus, I need to do some printing.  I need to get some work in the gallery.  All of it will be learning as I go, but it should be fun.

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